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No-till Planting Tips for a Dry Year

Water conservation needs the residue that the un-tilled field has. This residue layer keeps moisture in the dirt – not allowed to escape. So at planting time, the less a farmer messes with the soil, the better. That residue layer ...

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Ways to Better Manage Your Farm: Conservation Tillage/ No-till

Both in Brazil and in the U.S., no-till production is becoming more and more popular. In 1992, Brazil’s cerrado saw 180,000 hectares utilizing no-till production whereas in 2002, the number had jumped to 6,000,000 hectares. This is because farmers have ...

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Lessons From No-Till

With 25 years of no-till under their belts, brothers Mark and Bruce Watson have learned by trial and error. Coping with semiarid conditions on their farm near Alliance, Nebraska, the Watsons sidestepped the area’s traditional wheat-fallow system in favor of ...

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No Tillage Farming basics

What is no-till? No-till is sowing a crop without prior cultivation and with very little soil disturbance at seeding. There are several terms that have evolved in WA agriculture. The main tillage terms from most to least cultivation are: Multiple ...

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