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8 Benefits of Widespread Organic Farming


If we could reproduce on a worldwide level the processes and results of our organic, backyard gardens, what benefits might result? Here are eight possible benefits we might see: Promotion of Biodiversity Crop rotation to build soil fertility and raising ...

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Can organic farming feed the world


In the last year or so the claim that organic farming methods can feed the world has come up several times. The regular news media are not enabling their readers properly assess the credibility of such claims when they emerge ...

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Pest Prevention Tips


Some helpful tips for keeping pests at bay: Pheromone traps hung in the orchard lure and trap codling moths before they mate. Red spheres coated in non-drying glue and hung in fruit trees capture apple maggot flies. Floating row covers (a lightweight, translucent ...

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Pest Patrol: Integrated Pest Management


Defining IPM  Integrated Pest Management uses preventative, surveillance and corrective measures to reduce the number of pests without high pesticide use; understanding the principles of IPM is an integral part of organic pest management. IPM begins by making use of ...

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