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Sustainable Agriculture –for healthier foods

There is a surging popularity of sustainable agriculture. Such popularity concerns are expected considering the high potential benefits associated with the farming approach. Though the subject of “sustainable agriculture” sounds self-explanatory, it involves several techniques that are quite beneficial to ...

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Pest Prevention Tips

Some helpful tips for keeping pests at bay: Pheromone traps hung in the orchard lure and trap codling moths before they mate. Red spheres coated in non-drying glue and hung in fruit trees capture apple maggot flies. Floating row covers (a lightweight, translucent ...

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Pest Patrol: Integrated Pest Management

Defining IPM  Integrated Pest Management uses preventative, surveillance and corrective measures to reduce the number of pests without high pesticide use; understanding the principles of IPM is an integral part of organic pest management. IPM begins by making use of ...

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