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Everything You Need to Master Precision Agriculture


The definition of precision agriculture is fairly simple: using precision data about your farm to make changes that will optimise yield improvement while reducing waste and preserving resources. So why is it so difficult to get started in? There are ...

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8 Ways to Improve Your Precision Farming


Time and time again we find ourselves repeating the same mantra. A farm using smarter technology is a more profitable farm.  But knowing where to begin and what technology to implement is often daunting, confusing and hard to budget for. ...

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Plastic bean-shaped sensors monitor crops for Precision Ag


The internet of beans Thumb-sized “plastic beans” are being filled with sensors and tossed into grain bins and storage facilities for precision agriculture, getting rid of the need for handheld devices or elaborate moisture monitoring systems, according to an article on Farm Journal’s AGWeb. ...

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Сorn farmers lead in adoption of precision agriculture


The largest U.S. corn farms (over 2,900 acres) lead in the adoption of precision agriculture, a partial reflection on the technology’s high price tag, says USDA. Up to 80% of those farms use auto steer and GPS mapping of yields, ...

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12 findings from precision agriculture study


A study, Farm Profits and Adoption of Precision Agriculture, finds that precision agriculture adoption rates vary significantly, with larger farms more likely to adopt the technology. The study was conducted by USDA’s Economic Research Service using data from U.S. field ...

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Precision farming should only be small part of holistic EU agriculture

vegetable organic

Only sustainable practices, with prevention coming first, will be able to feed the world, writes Henriette Christensen. Henriette Christensen is senior policy advisor at PAN Europe, an anti-pesticides NGO. PAN Europe has read EurActiv’s special report Europe entering the era ...

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Deere to pick up Precision Planting

john deere

The business of planting crops is changing pretty fast, with the announcement that John Deere has purchased Precision Planting from Climate Corporation, a division of Monsanto Company. The move, which may surprise many, may make sense based on the pieces ...

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Farming for profitability

precision agriculture

Precision ag systems can take your ability to analyze profits way past yesterday’s cost-revenue calculations. It’s been the mantra of agricultural economists, bankers and even agronomists for the past 20 years. “Know your cost of production.” At every podium at ...

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Precision agriculture versus GMO’s

precision agriculture

It probably could be successfully argued that if genetically-modified organisms (GMO’s) had been named something else, their rising role in influencing what people want to eat and not eat would be less powerful and might not even exist. Yet, because ...

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4 Startups Revolutionizing How Food Is Produced in the U.S.


American farmers feed the world. Here’s how they’re bringing their industry into the digital age. Ask city dwellers what an American farmer looks like and it’s likely that they’ll describe an image reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting: a man ...

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