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Precision Farming Tools


GPS: the applications and availability are expanding. Uses on the farm: Map the Harvest (utilizing GPS and yield monitor technology) Plant Using Variable Rates (utilizing GPS and variable rate technology) Map farm land for insurance and data purposes (utilizing GPS ...

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Using a vision sensor system for auto-guidance testing


Auto-Steering is a technology that is getting more and more popular among precision farmers since GNSS (global navigation satellite systems) receiver are more and more able to direct farming vehicles along a pre-determined path not requiring any human navigation at ...

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New agricultural techniques reduce soil erosion by 95%


Bayer CropScience has developed techniques to counteract the erosion of agricultural land. The results of trial projects demonstrate that the draining of water and mud can be reduced by up to 95%, VRT reports. The erosion of agricultural lands reduces ...

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Ways to Apply Using Variable Rates


What’s available for lime, fertilizer, weed control and seed to us Variable Rate Application (VRA)? There’s a variety both with and without GPS! Most VRAs fit into one of two categories: sensor-based or map-based. The VRA technology that is map-based ...

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How to Use a Global Positioning System to Make Farming more Precise


A farmer who utilizes precision farming takes care of small areas within a field individually based on the varying needs that change across a field. Two good thing result from this kind of farming: 1) Production is cheaper 2) Damage ...

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Getting started with precision agriculture – steps for success

precision agriculture

Precision agriculture technologies are being utilized more and more frequently throughout the Southeast. Precision tools such as guidance systems, yield monitors, and variable-rate fertilizer applicators are resulting in higher productivity and profitability for many operations. However, some growers that stand ...

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Precision Agriculture: Boots & Technology Still Needed on the Ground


Earlier this year, NASA jumped into – get this – the precision agriculture game when it launched a soil moisture monitoring satellite out of Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The satellite, otherwise known as Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP), was initially ...

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Precision application monitoring


The folks at SureFire Ag Systems have introduced a new Multi Flow sys­tem, which is an electromagnet flow-meter with no moving parts that moni­tors up to 48 rows on an implement while applying liquid product. Farm Industry News got an overview ...

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Global Precision Agriculture


Technology Grid sampling, making maps for fertilization, yield measurements and pH soil corrections were the beginnings of precision agriculture. Now, with GPS technologies that are incredibly accurate at positioning and delivering information about particular areas, precision agriculture continues to grow. ...

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Satellite Mapping


The Need for Better Information Development and exploration in previously remote parts of the world are creating an increasing demand for current land topography and land-use maps, as well as for other information products.  These maps are critical to a ...

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