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8 Ways to Improve Your Precision Farming


Time and time again we find ourselves repeating the same mantra. A farm using smarter technology is a more profitable farm.  But knowing where to begin and what technology to implement is often daunting, confusing and hard to budget for. ...

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Trimble Agriculture: New displays add increased precision farming flexibility


Cambridgeshire-based Trimble reseller AS Communications (UK) is now able to offer increased flexibility within its range of guidance displays to suit the varying precision farming needs of growers across the UK. In addition to the Trimble CFX-750 display, that can ...

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Guiding strip-tillers to success with precision


As precision farming practices continue to infiltrate more farms overall, technology is an essential part of strip-tillers’ operations. Talking with farm equipment dealers, several have cited strip-till products as an emerging opportunity to complement sales of GPS systems and RTK ...

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How Droughts May Increase the Use of Variable-Rate Irrigation


Just like fertilizer and seeds do, droughts too may increase the use of variable-rate. At present, effective farming has centered its focus on the saving of costs and the maximization of production. This has led to the maximization of key ...

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GPS Automated Steering for Farm Equipment


Auto steering isn’t a new concept when it comes to farming, but the implementation hasn’t been great since all the sensors that were utilized had serious shortcomings. Some needed difficult-to-set-up equipment outside of the vehicle to guide it and others ...

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Precision Farming Tools


GPS: the applications and availability are expanding. Uses on the farm: Map the Harvest (utilizing GPS and yield monitor technology) Plant Using Variable Rates (utilizing GPS and variable rate technology) Map farm land for insurance and data purposes (utilizing GPS ...

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Using a vision sensor system for auto-guidance testing


Auto-Steering is a technology that is getting more and more popular among precision farmers since GNSS (global navigation satellite systems) receiver are more and more able to direct farming vehicles along a pre-determined path not requiring any human navigation at ...

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Ways to Apply Using Variable Rates


What’s available for lime, fertilizer, weed control and seed to us Variable Rate Application (VRA)? There’s a variety both with and without GPS! Most VRAs fit into one of two categories: sensor-based or map-based. The VRA technology that is map-based ...

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How to Use a Global Positioning System to Make Farming more Precise


A farmer who utilizes precision farming takes care of small areas within a field individually based on the varying needs that change across a field. Two good thing result from this kind of farming: 1) Production is cheaper 2) Damage ...

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How high-tech farming will reshape agriculture


Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has released its analysis of all agricultural patents registered worldwide between 2010-2014. In addition, the group conducted interviews with farmers and industry experts in order to examine how smart farming systems (GPS-guided drones and other equipment, smart ...

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