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Company at cutting edge of monitoring technology announces new feature


A company at the cutting edge of crop management has announced the launch of its newest feature, the controlling and monitoring of machinery. New Science Technologies already produces and markets Cropio, which uses technology, including multiple satellites, to monitor large ...

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New word in crop monitoring and farm management from Cropio


Upload your drone images to Cropio Cropio has recently started the usage of images taken by drones. Now clients can upload drone taken images directly into Cropio. Drones interact with Cropio by feeding it with rich, detailed and timely geo-tagged ...

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Data from Satellites Shed Light on Farming Insurance and Piracy


Among the many offices and groups the Technology Strategy Board established to create growth, the Satellite Applications Catapult’s (SAC) Oxfordshire office houses a screen that displays yet another project (one to help the environment) which looks into boats that turn ...

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Galileo: Applications for agriculture


Traditionally, precision agriculture has been characterised by significant equipment investment and costs related to usage. Nowadays, with more than half of satellite navigation-enabled tractors equipped with EGNOS, the affordable precision solution EGNOS offers is already used in the precision agriculture ...

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NDVI in agriculture


Using maps of vegetation indices created based on space images. It is known that the crop canopy reflection in red and near-infrared zones of the electromagnetic spectrum depends on its green phytomass. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is widely used ...

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