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Development of map data for precision agriculture

For past three years scientists at TARI have been using satellite imagery, aerial photography, and GIS (geographic information systems) mapping software to quantify type, spatial distribution and status of crops throughout the field in nine counties. The mapping information is ...

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Data from Satellites Shed Light on Farming Insurance and Piracy

Among the many offices and groups the Technology Strategy Board established to create growth, the Satellite Applications Catapult’s (SAC) Oxfordshire office houses a screen that displays yet another project (one to help the environment) which looks into boats that turn ...

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Satellite Data Protects Farmers and Prevents Piracy

The Satellite Applications Catapult’s Oxford Branch has been working on a project to protect the environment. They look into boats that turn off their Automatic Identification System (AIS) because they think that then they cannot be found while illegally fishing. ...

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Sugarcane Crop yield Forecasting using Satellite Images and Collateral Data

Agriculture is the lifeblood of the economy in India, the basis on which 70% of the country’s population sustains itself.  As such, our country’s economy is largely dependent upon agricultural development.  Information related to agricultural production is essential for resource ...

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As extreme weather becomes more frequent and increasingly impacts the price behavior of agricultural commodities, new and more sophisticated techniques of forecasting crop yields are emerging. One of these is remote sensing, where typically satellites are used to help make ...

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Potential monitoring of crop production using a satellite-based Climate-Variability Impact Index

Crop monitoring and early yield assessment are important for agriculture planning and policy making atregional and national scales. Numerous crop growth simulation models are generated using crop state variables and climate variables at the crop/soil/atmosphere interfaces to get the pre-harvest ...

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