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Optimising sugarcane crops with precision agriculture

Smart agriculture is helping ethanol and sugar producers in Brazil increase crop yields and optimise the performance of workers and machines through improved production logistics and plantation designs based on available land, topography and ideal planting time. Brazil is the ...

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Smart early season corn management

There’s nothing like the anticipation before spring planting. Hybrids have been selected and purchased. Carefully laid crop plans map out what seed to plant on each acre. The fresh, black dirt is ripe for planting. Equipment is tuned up and ...

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Smart combine at work

Think you can outsmart a combine? Five to 10 years ago it wasn’t a competition. An experienced operator would know just when to slow down, speed up, reduce rotor speed, open up the concave and adjust the auger on the ...

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Big Data Will Bring Major Benefits to Crop Management

Experts predict that the power of big data solutions could generate £6.64 billion in additional crop output annually in the near future. This is according to a report from Rabobank which indicates that by harnessing the power of modern IT ...

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Fall Management Checklist

Take every chance you get to become more efficient Farming is a cycle of ups and downs. Yet regardless of which way the markets are moving, business-minded farmers can cash in on opportunities. “Most farmers’ balance sheets are in strong financial ...

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Smart Farming is for the Future

Today, the art of farming has changed considerably. You cannot rely on the centuries old methodology anymore. Thinking outside of the box has to be the way to go, and for that, technological advancements related to agriculture needs to be ...

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