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4 nitrogen management tactics

Here are four thoughts about nitrogen management 1. Consider split applications.  One way of improving nitrogen efficiency is through the use of split applications.  This is a great opportunity to try some strip trials and compare putting all the nitrogen ...

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New agricultural techniques reduce soil erosion by 95%

Bayer CropScience has developed techniques to counteract the erosion of agricultural land. The results of trial projects demonstrate that the draining of water and mud can be reduced by up to 95%, VRT reports. The erosion of agricultural lands reduces ...

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Nitrogen role in soils

Introduction Environmental and economic issues have increased the need to better understand the role and fate of nitrogen (N) in crop production systems. Nitrogen is the nutrient most often deficient for crop production in Minnesota and its use can result ...

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Soil Temperature And Its Importance

The soil layer of the earth is critical in maintaining plant life, offering mechanical support, and supplying water and nutrients. Soil functions as a major storage mechanism of heat, collecting energy throughout the day and releasing heat to the surface ...

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Soil Health Tool Shows Nutrient Availability and Soil Respiration

The tests evaluate relationships between the soil’s physical properties and its biological processes. This, in turn, suggests the level of microbial activity and its effect on soil respiration. Estimating plant-available fertility is then possible. “This is the first test that ...

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