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Piloting a new tech into the crop market

The biologicals market is booming, but there’s more going on in the crop product world on the score of boosting plant performance than simply biologicals. Plant Impact, a global compay, with offices in North Carolina, is bringing a new product ...

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Residue Distribution Critical for No-Till

Corn and soybean grain harvest is just around the corner, and it’s time to emphasize the importance of residue distribution for no-till success. Uniform distribution is important for planter and drill performance, but also because the residue contains nutrients that ...

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A New Tool for Mite Management in Soybeans

It’s not every week that a new active ingredient is approved for use in field crops, so this is worth a newsletter entry — abamection is an effective miticide and has been for many years in a variety of specialty ...

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Getting the Most Out of Soybean Yield Potential

Key Points The foundation upon which all management decisions should rest is product selection. Use of the best-suited product along with proper fertility management and planting practices for your operation can set the stage for optimum yield potential. Finding ways ...

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Variability in corn, soybean and wheat production across the globe

Annual changes in production are a key determinant of price variability for corn, soybeans, and wheat. Production variability can occur across the globe, but it is usually of most significance when it occurs in a country or region that is ...

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Soybean fertility yield boost

Common wisdom that soybeans don’t respond to fertilizer is dead wrong. So is the widespread perception that potassium fertility is likely more limiting than phosphorus. That’s according to Fred Below, a University of Illinois plant physiologist. Recent research he conducted with ...

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Best soybean management ideas

Five tips to take soybean management to the next level: 1.Start planting earlier. “Soybeans are all about sunlight,” Ben says. “We started the end of April, early May.” This was about two weeks earlier than normal, which meant, in many ...

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Combine tuning tips for soybean harvest

combine on soybean field

Proper combine settings and attention to detail during soybean harvest reduces harvest losses. Short soybeans are especially difficult to feed into the header and through the combine header because they are often podded lower to the ground, which increases the risk of ...

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Important Factors to Take Into Consideration before Late Planting of Double-Crop Soybeans

soybean field

The landscape of double cropping soybeans has been greatly altered this year. Due to the lateness of the timing this year, we are bound to have some issues for small crops even though farmers are encouraged to plant as long ...

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8 Tips for Risk Management in 2015

In the years before 2014, the agriculture community was drawn into a mentality that corn prices of $5-6 to per bushel were the “new normal,” rather than a temporary price upswing. That type of thinking has changed quite dramatically in ...

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