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Narrow-row soybeans offer yield advantage


Brent Friest didn’t need a different planter or drill to benefit from narrow-row soybeans. With GPS guidance and a 30-inch row planter, he made two passes to get 15-inch rows, planting 70,000 seeds per pass for a total seeding rate of ...

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Nutrient management recommendations for high-yield soybean production


Nitrogen Biological nitrogen fixation plus the nitrogen mineralized from soil organic matter provides sufficient nitrogen for optimum soybean yields in most situations. Therefore, Michigan State University Extensiondoes not recommend applying nitrogen fertilizer to soybeans. However, a profitable response to nitrogen may ...

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Soybean diseases: four risk factors to watch


Watch for these foliar diseases Soybean farmers are familiar with plant disease, but not all diseases are created equal in terms of the damage they can bring. Some foliar diseases, such as bacterial blight and Septoria brown spots, can be ...

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Tips for best soybean yields


1. Switch to no-till. After realizing in the 1980s that conventional tillage was not going to meet his long-term environmental goals, Calmer no-tilled soybeans. Before that, soybeans had been one of the most soil-erosive crops he had ever grown, he says. ...

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Keeping Soybeans In The Crop Rotation


There are a number of advantages for rotating corn with soybeans rather than planting continuous corn. Agronomists have talked for years about the advantages of crop rotations, but recent market prices and the relative productivity of soybeans compared corn often ...

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Tips for Farming Flooded Soy Fields


Flooded fields. Be sure to sample soil in fields flooded by moving water, which may have impacted soil composition and depth in certain areas.  What’s left behind may dictate how you proceed.  “Remember that even differing field textures can foul up ...

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Top 10 Tips For Boosting Soybean Yields

soy yield

The Plant Health Initiative issued a report offering its top 10 strategies to help increase soybean yields. As farmers prepare to make management decisions for the 2012 crop season, now is the prime opportunity for ag retailers to discuss these ...

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