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Management tips for new strip-tillers

How can you get started strip-tilling? Like any farm operation, attention to details helps to ensure success. Here are seven tips for farmers who are new to the practice. 1. Don’t start too early in fall. It is tempting to ...

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Corn-on-Corn Strip-Till

Growing continuous corn can be challenging, but with high corn prices in recent years, it’s been a good option for Koosmann Farms in Appleton, Minnesota. Even more challenging is strip-tilling in corn-on-corn acres, but Tim Koosmann has made it work. ...

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The main reasons for strip-tilling

The farmer or a producer who intends to do strip tilling should have knowledge on the best implement to buy and how to use it appropriately before engaging in strip-tilling. If these points are not taken into consideration the producer ...

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4 Strip-Till Mistakes to Avoid

Strip-Till takes a lot of work to manage, but those who choose to implement strip-tilling can avoid these four common mistakes 1.     Understand Your Equipment Each Machine Is Unique Sure, your tiller might work perfectly in mellow soil that crumbles ...

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