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What does technology have to do with sustainable agriculture

A recent study investigates the relationship among the adoption of precision agriculture, the economic welfare of the farm, the environmental impacts from the farm operations and the effectiveness of agro-environmental policy. Agricultural production today faces two key challenges: meeting the ...

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Key Factors to Consider as You Engage Cover Crops

In the recent years, cover crops have risen to a great extent in terms of recognition, use and importance among many farmers. This is informed by the fact that they are good tools of retaining the levels of nitrogen and ...

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Seeds of the Future: Classical Breeding Investment and Sustainable Agriculture

Classical breeding is the act of enhancing crop varieties by specifically rearing the best-performing plants to help agriculturists build their returns and benefits, fight bugs and weeds, oppose dry season, adjust to changing atmosphere conditions, and improve supportability and worldwide ...

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Five Techniques to Implement Sustainable Agriculture on Your Farm

Instead of struggling against nature, work with nature by introducing sustainable agriculture. That way, you can get high yields while still being eco-friendly (and thus, crop-friendly). To mitigate the effects of chemical-based and industrial agriculture, you need to use the ...

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Growing Energy on the Farm: Biomass and Agriculture

Tripling U.S. use of biomass for energy could provide as much as $20 billion in new income for farmers and rural communities and reduce global warming emissions by the same amount as taking 70 million cars off the road. Many ...

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