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Weed Control Tips for 2015

You’ve probably heard of The Three Stooges: Larry, Curly, and Moe. Well, you may have a trio of stooges of your own in your fields. They just aren’t as funny. If you have marestail, waterhemp, or Palmer amaranth, one or ...

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No Superpowers for Superweeds

A superweed is not a hero clad in tights, bright colors and a cape. On the contrary, it brings devastation to farmers across the Midwest. To prevent misconceptions that stem from using slang words, the Weed Science Society of America ...

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Weed management is a year-round job

As the saying goes, “A farmer’s job is never done.”  While harvest begins for some and continues for others in the area, it is time to think about weed resistance and the management plans that farmers are using to finish out ...

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Fall Weed Control

When is it too late to spray herbicides to control perennials in the fall? As long as the leaf tissue of the perennial plant is still green and relatively pliable, fall applications can be made. If the plant has experienced ...

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6 Pasture Weed Control Tips For The Fall

Early summer tends to be a primary time for weed controlin pastures, but fall can also be an appropriate time to manage certain weeds with a systemic herbicide in grass hay and pastures that have been mowed or grazed. In particular, ...

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