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Sustainable Agriculture –for healthier foods

There is a surging popularity of sustainable agriculture. Such popularity concerns are expected considering the high potential benefits associated with the farming approach. Though the subject of “sustainable agriculture” sounds self-explanatory, it involves several techniques that are quite beneficial to ...

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9 Tips to ensure your combine doesn’t spread weeds

Combines can spread Palmer Amaranth and waterhemp as well as other herbicide-rsistant weeds. Here are some tips on stopping the combine from spreading the seeds from the weeds. ​ Steps can be taken to help ensure that herbicide-resistant weed seeds, such as ...

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Fighting Weeds With Glow Lights

In a crop field cull, how do the knives of judgment distinguish saint from sinner? One of the current roadblocks to commercialization of robotic technology for tasks such as weed control is the ability of a machine to recognize crops ...

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Take Care of Common Problems (Like Weeds!) Using GPS Equipment

No farmer expects to ever have a field groomed to perfection. Sure, some plots of land might have great production every year, but there’s always room for improvement. Think about weeds: A field that is very productive still might have ...

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