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The CX 6 Trident Row unit by Clean Seed

Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies, with its new highly advanced CX6 Trident Crossover Drill is an important advancement in agriculture is designed to replace current air drill technology. The Trident will offer an unrivaled level of precision in modern no-till seeding.

The Trident will set new standards; front folding single row toolbar with mounted tanks, all cast opener assemblies, plug & play electronic metering pods with gentle product handling, individual point shutoff and individual point resolution precision metering at the opener. This is the future and Clean Seed’s dedicated team has brought this technology to the present.

Nutrient requirements fluctuate as frequently as our lands, however the demand for different nutrient applications do not change proportionately to each other. Some nutrient requirements go up, while others go down. The only way to address this challenge is by handling the products separately. The Trident is designed to do exactly that and more.

The Trident’s unique 6 separate product delivery system applies rates independently across the entire drill. This will allow farmers to place exactly the right amount/blend of fertilizer and seed populations at every square foot of the field. The correct rates will be applied to each opener at all times including when turning corners or avoiding obstacles.

Handling all these products separately has proven to be a logistical nightmare in the past and no technology of this kind has been available to the farmer. Today, everything has advanced, just look at your new tablet, laptop and cellphone and it is clear, “things have changed”. Clean Seed is clearly focused on facilitating progress for the farmer.

“I was doing some prescription work recently on my fields. With my drill I average 7.5% overlap. The average drills out there today are 60’ to 100’ but 60’s and 70’s are common, with no sectional control those drills would be overlapping over 10%. With average inputs going through the drill anywhere from $70 – over $100/acre, eliminating overlap would pay for half the cost of the seeding operation alone”

Clean Seed recognized that in order to be more efficient with our inputs, they had to design a drill that puts down only what you want, where you want and when you want. Until now we have not had efficiencies where we can virtually eliminate overlap and misapplication.

(Source – http://www.cleanseedcapital.com/cx-6tridenttechnology.html)


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