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The Farm Navigator G6 is a compact, portable GPS solution

The G6 GPS (Global Positioning System) can be used on the farm as well as on the roads.
The G6 GPS system tracks treated areas so overlapping does not occur, saving time and money for the user. Warning lights will appear on the GPS system to let you know when areas have been treated and need to be treated.
The Farm navigator also enables guidelines to be set for different operations, choosing between parallel, contour guidelines or existing tramline modes.
The virtual spray boom feature can be customised to the number of sections, their length and the number of nozzles for each section
The portable system is flexible and easy to use, it can be used in any field and on different vehicles.
  •  100% portable with built-in GPS receiver
  • Australian maps
  • Turn-by-turn vocal instructions
  • Trip Computer
  • Lane assistance
  • Farm navigation
  •  Lightbar navigation with parallel and contour tracking
  • Sprayboom with audible virtual switch
  • Onscreen coverage map
  •  Field perimeter and field area measurement
  • Soil sample positioning or field surveying
  • Day/Night Brightness adjust
  • Jobs and fields database compatible with Google EarthTM
  •  4Hz DGPS receiver
The G6 navigator is able to export the database and overlay to Google Maps™ format so that you it is possible to view the map in Google Maps™ or Google Earth™.
(Source – http://www.fatcow.com.au/c/Farmscan/Compact-GPS-Solutions-For-Precision-Farming-by-Farmscan-p26597)


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