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The Five Main Types of Agricultural Implements

Because crop cultivation and farming involve heavy labor and a variety of different processes, it would be nearly impossible to do so by hand. Machinery and tools have become a necessity for farming in this day and age.

There is a wide range of agricultural equipment that is used in today’s farming: such implements can be purchased new or used, both through private sellers as well as through trusted farm equipment plow suppliers and manufacturers. In general, these implements can be divided into five primary categories, based on their use:

  1. Irrigation machinery: helps to keep crops watered at appropriate levels, and usually includes central pivot irrigation systems and pump units

  2. Soil cultivation implements: used to plow the soil and prepare it for cultivation. Some examples of soil cultivation equipment are spike, drag, and disk harrows; power harrow parts; mouldboard plows; and tillers in several varieties.

  3. Planting machines: designed to plant saplings and seeds over broad areas of land, after the soil has been cultivated. Precision drills, broadcast seeders, seed drills, air seeders, and transplanting equipment all fall under this category.

  4. Harvesting implements: used to bring in the crops once they have reached full maturity. Trailers, diggers, and pickers are a few examples of this kind of equipment.

  5. Miscellaneous agricultural equipment: used in corollary agricultural activities, such as hay-making, shredding, and loading.

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