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Top tips for harvesting maize

Top tips for harvesting maize:

  • Keep rolling the clamp. If there’s space get a second tractor on the clamp to double the weight rolling the silage into the clamp.
  • Sheet well with an airtight cover and cover with a secure cover type net paying particular attention to the shoulders of the clamp where it’s hardest to get good consolidation.
  • If the weather does break and your cutting maize following rain then be ready before the contractor arrives.
  • Many harvesting teams will operate a sweeper to keep roads clear of mud, but put some signs up too so road users are aware of slippery conditions before they get to the gateway.
  • If your able to bring the trailers along tracks or across grass fields to clean of the mud it often reduces the amount of soil brought onto the road.
  • Keep the apron of the clamp clean too, you don’t want soil from trailers going into the pit.

(Source – http://www.fwi.co.uk/articles/10/10/2013/141436/top-tips-for-harvesting-maize.htm)

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