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VRF: Optimize RX-F

Soil characteristics and fertility levels found within a field are one of the most important factors affecting the yield potential of a crop. Fields in Western Canada often have significant variation in the characteristics of the soil, caused by different parent material, topography, human interaction, and environmental conditions.

Optimize RX-F™ manages these variables by delineating a field into five management zones on average, depending on field size and variability. Various application scenarios can then be analyzed, and the yield potential of each zone can then be managed with the corresponding nutrient levels required to achieve optimal economic returns.

Optimize RX-F™ provides the base information required for all VRT services.

1. Planning Session
We start by helping you develop a customized precision agronomy program that meets the specific needs and goals of your farm business.

2. Sure-Check Soil Testing
Consistent and reliable results – from start to finish. It’s the only soil testing program used for Optimize RX.

  • Geo-referenced Test Points
  • Accredited lab analysis
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Micro-nutrient analysis
  • Certified, experienced Agronomists and Technicians

Our Sure-Check™ soil testing program was developed to ensure consistency and accuracy in all stages of the soil testing process. Unlike conventional sampling methods and third-party providers, Sure-Check™ soil testing offers a systematic approach, beginning with an in-depth analysis of your field. 

3. GIS Field Mapping and Analysis
The most extensive zone management system available; backed by certified, experienced agronomists and tested Agronomic research.

4. Fertility Recommendations and RX Files
Agronomic recommendations calculated to match your production goals. RX Maps formatted for your equipment, ready to go.

5. My Farm Manager Account
Online tools to help you organize and track farm data and Decisive services. Your farm info is safe, secure, and always available.

  • access your agronomy and farm records 24/7
  • track the progress of Optimize RX™
  • analyze market positions using Know-Risk™ web tools
  • communicate and verify farm information
  • receive customized reports, notices, and alerts

6. Customer Support
From start-to-finish, we’re here to answer your questions, share our knowledge, and to simply keep you up and running.

(Source – https://www.decisivefarming.com/optimizeRX/RX_F.aspx)


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