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WatchDog Cellular Power Alert

The WatchDog Cellular Alert is a cost-effective family of portable devices that alert a grower via phone calls or text messages to a critical event, such as frost at remote locations. Models fitted with alternative sensors can signal power outages, humidity level, or flood irrigation completion. The basic model is designed for occasional use. The grower places an inexpensive prepaid cell phone into the Cellular Alert, and when a frost or other event occurs, the unitpresses a button on the cell phone, calling a preprogrammed number. The Pro model includes a cell phone module, which can alert the grower by placing phone calls and sending text messages. The WatchDog Cellular Alert allowsthe grower to rest easy, knowing that the unit will call ifthere is a problem.

• LCD display (signal strength, etc.)
• Key pad for user set up: system test operation
• Relay terminal connections to control an external device
• Each comes with external power sensor (120V, 24VAC, 12V)
• NEMA 4 (IP66) enclosure

WatchDog Cellular Power Alert Pro
• GSM cellular module included (user provides SIM card and service plan — Pay-As-You-Go recommended)
• Makes voice call or sends text message (or both)
• Requires 6-volt lantern battery (not included)

WatchDog Cellular Power Alert
• Requires user-provided basic cell phone (flip phone or flat phone; not a touch-screen Smart Phone)
• Presses the phone buttons to make a voice call
• Uses 4-AA batteries (not included) to power the electronic controls and display (but not your cell phone)

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