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Precision Farming: What to Expect

We want your fields to produce as much of the best crops as possible, so we carefully analyze satellite images of your farm to follow the five “R’s.”

Right Source: We use variable rate technology (VRT) to strategize how much fertilizer to apply to each area of the field so that your crop can meet its potential. We do this with the help of high-resolution satellite pictures that perfectly depict the heart of your farm.

Right Time: We use 20 years of relevant data like average yield, crop rotation, average organic matter and target yields. We also consider seasonal conditions, weather conditions and forecasts, and annual trends to help your crops be planted and tended at the right time.

Right Place: We take into consideration multiple factors when making your field map and your prescription. We look at  slope position (aka topography) and soil variability – its texture, organic matter content, pH, nutrient levels, moisture at seeding time and the depth of tip soil. With precision VRT, you can use automatic machines to apply the fertilizer in the areas and amounts that are needed in the different locations around the farm.

Right Rate: After the creation of your map, the precision VRT makes it so that you can apply lower-rates of fertilizer in low-production areas while applying a higher rate to high-production areas.

Real Results: We have been conducting trials for 5 years with more than 300 fields. On top of that, we have many satisfied customers to attest to the fact that, with our precision farming system, you can expect to more efficiently and effectively use your fertilizer, leaving more money in your pocket.

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